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How to Register and Pay 

Online signup and payment at is available for some class/workshop offerings.    Other Classes/Workshops can be signed up at the gallery or directly with the instructor.

See each class/workshop listing for Signup and Payment details.

For complete info about Classes/Workshops click on the listings below.

Stefan Baumann teaches Oil Painting every Wednesday at NVAL.

To sign up contact stefan by email or phone


Chuck Prudhomme Workshop “The Joy of PleinAir”

Postponed due to weather.  Workshop will be rescheduled soon!  Those of you who have paid can be prepaid for the rescheduled workshop or NVAL will refund your payment.

Friday, February 23 from 9 am to 5pm

Cost $40

Place.  Camden House Picnic Area at Whiskeytown

Sign up and Pay at NVAL Carter House Gallery

For full details, directions and supply list, Click on Workshop Title

new class offering — evening class is being added

jessica willis teaches “explorations in watercolor”

Classes are ongoing.  Start at any time! 

Daytime Class: Mondays 1 – 4pm at the NVAL Carter House Gallery.  Cost $25 per class (additional $10 for materials upon request).

Evening Class:  Mondays, 5:30-7:30 at NVAL Carter House Gallery.  Cost is $20 per class  (additional $10 for materials upon request).   First Class is Monday, March 26th.

Payment is due at each class.  This dynamic and fluid medium will lead you on an exciting journey in this class.To Reserve your spot, please email Jessica at 


For Materials List, Click Class Title

If you are interested in taking the class, email Jessica at

Class Description 

This dynamic and fluid medium will lead you on an exciting journey in this class.  Not only will you learn basic skills in watercolor and how to utilize the paint, but you we will also explore additives and tools used to manipulate surfaces for interesting applications. We will discuss color theory and compositional structure as we conduct small material experiments and then carry them into our paintings.  If you are looking to loosen up, and find your inner improvisational artist within, take this class with Jessica.  Be inspired to step outside of the box with an expressive handling of paint and innovative strategies.


Julie Cohn Workshop “Sunsets and Reflections in Water”

Date/Time:  Monday & Tuesday, April 23 -24 from 10am to 4:30pm.

Location:  Redding Recreation Center, 58 Quartz Hill Rd., Redding, 96003 — adjacent to the NVAL Carter House Gallery

Class size limited to 20 students.

Cost:  $175 for NVAL Members  — $210 for Non-Members.   NVAL Individual Memberships are $35, Family Memberships are $45.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN NVAL.

Signups & Payment:   The best way to signup is on the NVAL website.   No financial information is stored on the NVAL website for your security. For assistance with online signup, call Charlotte Bryson, 221-1993.    Click here for online signup. 

Signups will also be offered at the NVAL Carter House Gallery, 48 Quartz Hill Rd., Redding.  Payment is required at time of signup.

Class Description  

Sunsets are filled with luminosity and luster!

Learn how these lighting effects are different from each other and how you can use them effectively to create scintillating skies and reflections. Once you understand these two concepts, you will be able to bring much beauty not only to your landscapes, but to any work of art. As you paint your skies and water reflections, build thin to thicker consistencies of paint and become aware of the way your application of water on the palette and on your painting deepens the contrast and lighting effects in your landscapes.  We will start with simpler scenes and build to more complex paintings.  Please bring your own photos for reference so that you can compose and create the scenes that hold special memories for you.  I will provide photos and paintings for you to peruse as well. 

Judy King teaches “Portraits Made Simple” with Charcoal & Pastel

Date/Time:  Tuesdays or Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:30pm.

Classes are ongoing and you can start anytime.  

Location:  NVAL Carter House Gallery

Cost:  $15 per class  — Pay at each session

If you are interested in taking the class, call Judy at 222-8491. 

Class Description 

Judy will show you how to manipulate and control charcoal and pastel.  You will be the boss! The fear of drawing portraits will vanish! You will feel confident and build skill quickly.  Students will all draw from the same photograph.   The classes will explore so many ways to draw people and will take the mystery out of creating portraits. 



Julie Bullock Alcohol Ink Workshops

Next Workshops at the NVAL Carter House Gallery

Tuesday, from 6 to 8pm  

Next Classes are March 13 & April 10

Pay at the Workshop.

Cost: $25 and all materials are included.

Pre-Registration is required to attend. Contact Julie Bullock via text message, email at or phone her at 530-392-0349.