Member Shows

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April 2023 Member Show

April 5 – 29



Rae Bright
Linda Campanella
Caryn Stromberg

March 2023 Member Show

March 1 – April 1



Victoria Bernet
Debbie Wood
Stephanie Luke

February 2023 Member Show

February 1 – 25



Susanna Solano
John Fields
Rachel Swan Howard

January 2023 Member Show

January 11 – 28



David Crognale
David Crognale
Caryn Stromberg
Caryn Stromberg
Gretchen Schnabel

February 2022 Member Show

February 2 – 26




Mary Ann Beaulac
Howard 'Luke' Lucas
Michi Takemoto

January 2022 Member Show

January 5 – 29




Artwork by Stella Prudhomme
Artwork by Shelly Shivley
Artwork by Mollie Flack

Nov – Dec 2021 Member Show

November 10 – December 18



Artwork by Mary Meisner
Artwork by J. Knight-Logue
Artwork by Annette Cerreta

October 2021 Member Show

Forgeries of a Master & Open Theme

October 6 – 30


Artwork by Noreen Hamilton
Artwork by Pamela Llano
Artwork by Diana Troxell

August 2021 Member Show

August 4 – 28


Artwork by Mary Ann Brackett
Artwork by Sherry Lupo
Artwork by Marietta Modl

July 2021 Member Show

July 3 – 31

Artwork by Barbara Enochian
Artwork by Diana Troxell
Artwork by Lynne Pearson

Gallery Closed March 10, 2020 – June 30 2021

October 2019 Member Show

October 1 – Nov 2 “Forgery Show”

Also Featured Artists, Connie Brown & Kathleen Evans 


Artwork by Joan Shepard
Artwork by Aaron Burks
Artwork by Jane Magarigal

September 2019 Member Show

September 3 – 28





Artwork by Leslie Wyatt
Photograph by Bonnie Lampley
Artwork by Sue Holmes

August 2019 Member Show

July 30 – August 31

Also Featured Artist, Caryn Stromberg



Artwork by Marietta Modl
Artwork by Don Linn
Artwork by Debbie Andrews

July 2019 Member Show “Big”

July 2 – 27






Artwork by Jerry Stuart
Artwork by Lauren Forcella
Artwork by Greg Moll

June 2019 Member Show

June 4- 29

Also Invitational Artist, Derek Grinnell





Artwork by Miki Takemoto
Artwork by Wendy Robards
Artwork by Barbara Enochian

April 2019 Member Show

April 2 – 27

Also Denise Granger Kerbs’s Student Show






Artwork by Carl Jackson
Artwork by Diana Wright Troxell
Artwork by Anne Leveque

March 2019 Member Show

March 5 – 30

Also Carrefour Photography Collective






Artwork by Joyce Kerwin
Artwork by Debbie Andrews
Artwork by Julie Long

February 2019 Member Show

February 5 – March 2

Also U-Prep and Enterprise High School Student Show






Artwork by Lauren Forcella
Artwork by LInda Turllinger
Artwork by Susan Greaves

Nov-Dec 2018  Member Holiday Show

November 6 – December 13






Artwork by Stella Prudhomme
Artwork by Kathleen Evans
Artwork by Mary Meissner

October 2018  Member Show

October 9 – November 3

Apologies!  No photos taken….

See Jacque White Featured Artist Show Listing for pictures of her Work






July-Aug 2018  Member Show

July 3 – 38

Also E-Studio Invitational Artists – Barbara Enochian’s Students






Artwork by Marlene Woods
Artwork by Chen Compton
Artwork by Janet Weidel

June 2018  Member Show

June 5 – 30




Artwork by Wendy Robards
Artwork by Jim Geil
Artwork by Joanne Lobeski-Snyder

April 2018  Member Show

Apr 3 – 28

 Also Invitational Artists
Barbara Enochian & Celeste White

Reception Apr 7, 5 to 7pm



Artwork by Lynne Bonetti
Ceramic by Palul
Artwork by Judy King

March 2018  Member Show

Mar 6 – 31

Reception Apr 7, 5 to 7pm



Artwork by Mike Eichwald
Artwork by Shery Lupo
Artwork by Mary Ann Brackett

February 2018  Member Show

Feb 6 – Mar 3

Accompanying U Prep heART Student Invitational Show

Reception Feb 10, 5 to 7pm



Artwork by Chuck Prudhomme
Artwork by J. Hewlett
Artwork by Carla Canter

Nov-Dec 2017 Member Show

Oct 31 – Dec 16

“Holiday Show & Boutique” plus Mini Works & More Members Artwork

Holiday Gala Reception,
Sat, Dec 2, 5 to 7pm Food, Wine, Art & Handmade Crafts
Print by Debbie Diestler, Knitted Scarves by Jan Green
Ceramics by Mark Stinson & Chen Compton
Artwork by Malcolm Wilson

Oct 2017 Member Show

“Fabulous Forgeries and More”
October 3 – 28
Saturday, October 7
5 – 7pm
Artwork by Derek Grinnell
Artwork by Shery Larson
Artwork by Mike Gilmore

Sept 2017  Member Show

“Falling into Fall”
October 3 – 28
Saturday, October 7
5 – 7pm
Artwork by Sunny Benham
Artwork by Judy King
Artwork by Carla Canter

August 2017 Member Show

“Avant Garde”

August 1 – September 2
Friday, August 4,
5 – 7pm
Artwork by Caryn Stromberg
Artwork by Carla Canter
Artwork by Gregory Moll

July 2017 Member Show

“Summer Daze”
 July 6 – July 29

Artwork by Gregory Moll
Artwork by Bev Corford
Artwork by Louise Tuthill

June 2017 Member Show

“Go Big or Go Home”
 June 6 – July 1
Friday, June 9, 5 – 7pm
Painting by Gretchen Schnabel
Painting by Natalie Shaw
Painting by Vivian Nestel