32nd National Painting Show – 2016 Winners


Jeannie Vodden is an award-winning water-colorist, demonstrator, judge, and has been a popular watercolor instructor in California, Wyoming and Washington for over 20 years. She is an active exhibitor throughout California. Hailing from near the picturesque town of Jackson, CA., Ms. Vodden’s preference for the complex play of form and light is balanced by her use of a very simple palette. The visual effects are revealed in an unusual feeling of depth of color resulting in stunning and unique works of art. Her work has been published in both Pratique des Art Magazine in France and Artist Palette Magazine in Australia. To see more of her work go to www.jeannievodden.com.


Jeannie Vodden’s interest in the variety of textures and patterns found in both natural and man-made objects is the starting point for most of her paintings.  She adds natural light, sometimes a figure, occasionally a dash of fantasy, and pulls it all together with a limited palette.
Her preference for the complex play of form and light is balanced by her use of a very simple palette.  Starting with only three colors, and seldom using more than six, she glazes many transparent layers.   Each layer modifies the last, changing the color and adding a multi-leveled glow.   Though the process takes some patience, practice and understanding, the visual effects are revealed in an unusual feeling of depth of color.  The results are stunning and unique.
Jeannie is a popular instructor of watercolor.  She has taught workshops throughout California and in Wyoming and Washington State for 20 years.  She enjoys demonstrating her watercolor techniques to art and community organizations and finds the challenge of judging art competitions rewarding and inspiring.
She has shown her work in galleries and businesses in Sacramento, Lodi and Stockton and throughout California.
A few of her many awards and activities include: 
  • Award in California Watercolor Association 2015 Art Exhibition          
  • Acceptance into National Watercolor Society 95th Exhibition 2015
  • Awards in the Stockton Art League’s competition at the Haggin Museum
  • Acceptance into the prestigious 2000 and 2002 Crocker Kingsley competition at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, Ca.
  • Awards at the “California Works” fine art competition at the California State Fair
  • Honorable Mentions at the KVIE Annual Art Auction
  • Many Best of Show and People’s Choice Awards
  • The State of California has purchased two of her paintings for its archives.
  • For years she demonstrated in the “California Works” Fine Art Show at the California State Fair, sharing her work and talking to visitors of the well-regarded fine art venue.
  • In the fall she opens her home studio to the public for the Amador County Art Studio Tours.
  • Jeannie designs a theme fair window at the Amador County Fair in Plymouth, CA each year for the Amador Stars, the local Cancer support organization.
  • For 2010 and 2011 and 2014 wine release she has designed unique and beautiful fine art wine labels for Young’s Vineyard in the Shenandoah Valley, California.
Website:  www.jeannievodden.com