Sandi Howell

Featured Artist -- March 2015
Garden Glimpses

Sandi-Howell-portrait-saved-for-webOriginally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Sandi Howell has spent most of her life in the Redding area. She studied English and Art while in college and taught both Junior High School and First Grade for a total of 32 years. She and her husband, Bill, have 6 children (collectively) and 8 grandchildren.

She is an avid gardener, and since retiring 7 years ago from Enterprise Elementary School District, she has pursued her life-long interests of photography and watercolor painting, using her garden as a source of inspiration. Sandi is currently the President of the North Valley Art League where she previously had two featured artist shows, one for watercolor painting and another for photography. She has also shown her work regularly and/ or been the featured artist at The Main Street Gallery and The Highland Art Center in Weaverville, The Chico Art Center in Chico, The Placerville Art Association’s National Show in Placerville, and twice at Redding City Hall. Her work has won numerous awards in various local and National Shows.

Sandi wanted to share the beauty and spontaneity of her garden as she was experiencing it daily, so she committed to posting photos on Facebook every morning of these images for her friends to enjoy. She did this five-days-a-week for over 3 months, calling these photos, “Glimpses of the Garden.” Her current show at the North Valley Art League’s Carter House Gallery is titled, “Garden Glimpses…shared through the photography and watercolors of Sandi Howell,” and although it features both watercolor paintings and photographs predominately of the flora and fauna of her own garden, it does include gardens from other locations as well. It is Sandi’s hope that these “Garden Glimpses” will be a blessing; that they will delight the viewer with a sense of the endless beauty of creation and with the peace of being in its presence.

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