Anne Leveque 2-day Workshop

“CRACKING THE CODE/and Make Over Again and Again”

Artwork by Anne Leveque
Artwork by Anne Leveque
Artwork by Anne Leveque


The feeling of painting is like the first wind catching the sail of my boat and in this very instance of the wind – or the brush – the day has instantly changed and the wind is at my back.”  Anne Leveque

Huge abstract landscapes and non-objective work are Anne Leveque’s spatial inspirations for oil on canvas. Her long view / aim is to push through abstract landscapes towards non-objective work, the goal being absolutely the obliteration of all image as they might creep in as Leveque paints. If she can do this it frees the viewer to “see what they see.” Throughout the process of up to 30 layers, Leveque is ever-mindful of leaving no recognizable imposed image.


ANNE LEVEQUE  2-day WORKSHOP — CRACKING THE CODE/and Make Over Again and Again


Yes, it’s possible to paint lean over fat!  The code has been cracked!! 

  • You will learn how to utilize acrylic paints with oil paints in the same painting, adding brilliancy, luminosity and depth to your original acrylic or oil painting. The process will be fat over lean, lean over fat, over and over, layering with full demos AND special materials discovered for each step.


  • Fee Change:  Anne will bring all non-toxic chemical code changers.   She has requested an additional $20 supply fee to cover the cost of these chemicals.  The fee will be collected the first day of the workshop.  Payment by check or cash. 
  • WORKSHOP PROCESS (Updated) – Please read carefully as there are some important clarificationsAdditionally, you will need to do some PRE-CLASS Prep Work! 



  • Bring one of your Oil or Acrylic works which has been painted on a large canvas — about 36×48.  If you do not have a 36×48 painting, then you can bring one or two paintings no smaller than 24×30.   We will recreate/MAKE OVER the work using fat over lean, lean over fat along with some non-toxic chemicals. The makeover will retain the parts you already love and augment the parts you want to recreate.
  • Also bring 2 large BLANK canvases about 36×48 (and some smaller ones if you wish) which we will use to create new work. If you need to go with smaller canvases, no smaller than 24×36.Bring as large as you have.  Cradle board also works.  We will use these to create new work using fat over lean, lean over fat.
  • IMPORTANT PRE-CLASS PREP WORK:   Using OIL PAINTS, cover each of your blank canvases using 4 or 5 colors side by side.  If you wish you may paint another layer of the same color.  Use an oil medum instead of water with the oil paints.  Do not blend the colors.  Just buy small tubes of oil paint. You may paint with the chip brushes.  If you have large tubes of paint that is fine.  ALL PAINT MUST BE DRY WHEN YOU COME TO CLASS.

MATERIALS – These items are essential.

  • THE  2-3 canvases
  • PAINT: Bring 4 or 5 small tubes of your favorite colors, plus 1 tube of black and 1 tube of white in both oil and acrylic:   4-5 tubes of acrylic and 4-5 tubes of oil in similar colors, plus one tube of black and 1 tube of white in both oil and acrylic.     If you wish you can bring more, however we will work with just a few.  My own paintings contain 5 colors at most.  You will need only 4-5 colors in the entire painting with white and black back up.


  • Baby wipes which will be used for painting. Best ones are from Dollar General, Shea Butter ones in yellow/orange package.  Other wipes can be too soggy.
  • Optional: Bring one bottle of Chinese or India Ink, acrylic or best, dye-based inks if you want to experiment with them.  You select the color.
  • Paint Sticks, if you have them — just a couple, some oil and some water based.
  • Metal or glass container with lid, into which a big brush can fit
  • Paper towels, rags, and one small size medium for oil – brand of choice.
  • Many large and small brushes; in bulk at Home Depot, cheap chip brushes as well as your own fine brushes
  • Hairdryer if you have one


There won’t be a lot of techniques per se, as most of you know these things; it will be on the spot/demo of my technique and energy flow of how I paint and the phases of the entire progression with discussions about style and sensibility.

Also, if you wish, I will critique every piece frequently to keep you moving forward to complete satisfying pieces in this workshop.

I generally work 4 hours in one session nonstop on one painting when I am in my studio, so we will have time to complete one piece or more during the workshop.  You may pace yourself by going outside, eating, or whatever gives you release and sustainment to continue.

Please feel free to text Leveque Workshop Chair, Joyce Kerwin at 530-227-0483 regarding your questions.


Come, let’s create together!

Anne Leveque



Artwork by Anne Leveque
Artwork by Anne Leveque
Artwork by Anne Leveque


  • 2008 | Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Solo Exhibition sponsored by Hong Kong Land.
  • 2010-16 | Art Republic Gallery Bangkok, Solo Exhibitions, 10 years
  • 2012-16 | Numerous Solo Exhibitions throughout Asia
  • 2015 | Napa Valley College, Solo Exhibition marking my US return
  • 2016 & 2017 | Jessel Gallery, Napa, CA
  • 2016 | Yountville Community Center, Solo Exhibition curated by Liz Hauer (postponed due to 2017 wildfires)
  • 2018-9 | Kennedy Gallery, Sacramento, CA
  • 2019 | North Valley Art League Carter House, Redding, CA
  • 2019 | Jen Tough Gallery, Workshop, Benicia, CA
  • 2020 | Highland Art Center, Juried Show, Weaverville, CA
  • 2020 | Danville Village Art Center, Juried Show, Danville, CA
  • 2021 | Highland Art Center, Show, Weaverville, CA