Workshop with Debbie Andrews – Abstract Painting “Be Free Little Bird”

Saturday, May 27, from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm  at  NVAL Carter House Gallery

Cost is $35.  Please arrive at 11 am to pay.

Make your reservation by emailing Debbie at

Debbie Andrews - Regatta


Part 1

Creativity is the ability to produce a unique or uncommon idea that comes from within ourselves and that is influenced by a lifetime of experience.”

Carrie Burns Brown 


My hope for this class is that you will relax and have fun!  Be a child again and play…. Paint with no fear!

Saturday first thing, I will start by talking about color combinations, color theory and different compositions you can use. This is an important element in creating a painting that you will love. Because we only have 4 hours, this will be fairly short, as I want you all to paint!  After a few exercises and demonstrations, we will move on to all of you painting your own master piece.

Materials List

Acrylic paints – Basic brand at Aaron bros works well and is inexpensive. 

White, Black, Primary colors and any favorite colors you like, I like, teals, purples, blues, magentas etc.

Gold or silver is sometimes fun depending on your  painting

Brushes:  2 inch, 1- 1 1/2 inch, brushes should be of a firmer bristle and not too flimsy

Colored or watercolor pencils

Pallet knife

Paper towels

Container for water 

I will provide practice canvas for exercises and will have additional paint colors on hand for use.