NVAL City of Redding Show Jan 21 – Apr 21

Signups are Closed 

The City needed only 30 works from NVAL for this quarter.  Typically they will require between 70-80.   So if you didn’t get in for this exhibit, you will have a much better chance next quarter and in the future.  This program is ongoing and we hope that many NVAL members will have the opportunity to show their work at Redding City Hall.


NVAL Redding City Hall Exhibits – Another Opportunity to Show your Work.  

NVAL has entered into an agreement with the City of Redding to provide artwork to be exhibited at the City Hall.  The City has requested work by accomplished NVAL artists, which applies to most of our members.  We hope that many members will have the opportunity be in a City show at least once per year.

There will be four quarterly exhibits each year.  NVAL will normally provide approximately 70 – 80 pieces for each three-month exhibit. 

The first quarter exhibit will only require 30 pieces as this exhibit will also include artwork by the late Armando.

First Exhibit Date for 2022:  January 21 – April 21, 2022

Participants’ NVAL dues must be current. You may pay your dues in the gallery or Click Here to pay online at nval.org>Membership. No Credit card info is stored on the NVAL website.

Artwork is to be limited to three pieces per artist.  Acceptance of artwork will be on a first come basis.   Artists will be informed that their artwork is accepted for exhibit by email.

Deliver Accepted Work to NVAL Carter House Gallery, Wed, Jan 12 – Sat, Jan 15.

Artwork shall be appropriate for display in a City facility.   The Director of Community Services shall determine if artwork is appropriate.

Exhibiting Artists will be required to sign a City Display Agreement (indemnification Release) when artwork is brought in to NVAL to be stored before transfer to the City.

Artwork may be offered for sale.  Artist will handle all sales.  No commission will be charged.

Exhibited Artwork needs to have a label on the back of each work that includes the artist’s name, contact information and artwork price or NFS.  Also include wording “To purchase this artwork contact the artist directly” if the work is for sale.

Artwork to be hung from two D-rings or equivalent hardware for a cable hanging system.

Sign-up Dec 15 – Sunday, Jan 9, 2022 online at nval.org.  There are no fees.   

Click Here to Sign Up.