Officers/Board Nominees Apr 2023 – Mar 2024

Nominated NVAL Officers and Board Members for April 2023 – March 2024 Term

Additional Nominations can be made at the Election, Monday, March 20, 7pm at NVAL.


President – Bonnie Lampley

Vice President – Susan Tangeman

Treasurer – Linnea Marx  

Recording Secretary – Susanna Solano   

Corresponding Secretary – Sarah Harvey

Additional Board Members

Mary Ann Brackett   

Bernie Bryson   

Charlotte Bryson

Ellen Hedfield    

Joyce Kerwin

Joanne Lobesky-Snyder

Jeanette Logue  

Diedra Malain    

Sue Mandel   

Jim Milestone   

Diane Norton

Bobbie Scarborough 

Shelly Shivley

 Carol Schultz

Marlene Woods   

Board Member at Large – Dottie Turk