NVAL Redding Airport Exhibit

January 15 – April 14, 2022

The NVAL Airport Exhibit has been filled.   Please do not submit any more pictures to Chuck.  Thanks!!

30 to 35 pieces of NVAL members’ art will be shown at the Redding Airport.

Participants’ NVAL dues must be current. You may pay your dues in the gallery or Click Here to Pay Online at nval.org>Membership. No Credit card info is stored on the NVAL website.

Accomplished Artists should text a photo of 1 or 2 works to Chuck Prudhomme who will curate the show. Chuck’s contact number is 530-524-8378.

Deadline for submission to Chuck is January 5, 2022.

Accepted artwork needs to have a label on the back of each work that includes the artist’s name, contact information and artwork price. Also include wording “To purchase this artwork contact the artist directly.”

No Commission will be charged on sales.

Accepted artists will need to sign a release provided by the Airport.

Hanging hardware needs to be the same as NVAL with the addition of a wire between the D-Rings.