NVAL 2024 Western Regional Juried Photography Show

Exhibit:  May 1 – June 1, 2024

Juror:  Jody Miller, Astoria, Oregon

About the juror:  Jody Miller has been a photographer for most of her life, making images since she was nine years old.  Her real education started in 1982, though, when she attended the Ansel Adams workshop in Carmel, California. She has been making fine art images non-stop since then.

​Ms. Miller spent 40 years as a designer / animator for the television industry in Hollywood, so her profession melded beautifully with her favorite pastime of photography.

She now lives in Astoria, Oregon, and loves the ever-changing light that makes this area so magical.  ​Her body of work has been evolving for over 40 years and has come to fruition in the portfolio of images she shares on her webpage – https://www.jodymillerphoto.com/.

She is represented by LightBox Photographic Gallery in Astoria, Oregon.


First Place

"Everhart Hotel" - Geri Mathewson, Ashland, OR

Second Place

"Just Ken" - Laura Barbeau, Redding, CA

Third Place

"Communion with a Seal" - Mark Coggins, Napa, CA

Merit Awards

"Approaching Storm Over the Badlands" - Joey Johnson, Sacramento, CA
"A Portrait Of Youth" - Jeff Worthington, Redding, CA
"Temperate Rainforest" - Shannon Burgan, Redding, CA

Honorable Mentions

"After the Flood" - Stephanie Luke, Cottonwood, CA
"Foggy Trees" - Mark Coggins, Napa, CA
"Morning Moment" - Michael Eichwald, Redding, CA
"Goldfield, Arizona" - Terry Hankins, Redding, CA
"The Wetlands" - Doug Davis, Cottonwood, CA
"Lavey Electric" - Nicolaas Van Ooyen, Chico, CA

Other Exhibited Photographs

"Outside In?" - Michael Andrews, Redding, CA
"Standing Tall" - Michael Andrews, Redding, CA
"Pigeon Point Lighthouse" - Dennis Ariza, Fairfield, CA
"North Table Mountain Wildflowers 2" - Dennis Ariza, Fairfield, CA
"Aspens" - Dennis Ariza, Fairfield, CA
"Crowded" - Crystal Atten, Bella Vista, CA
"Fan" - Crystal Atten, Bella Vista, CA
"San Juan Batista I" - Laura Barbeau, Redding, CA
"The Self I" - Laura Barbeau, Redding, CA
"Winter Rain" - Laura Barbeau, Redding, CA
"Surf Training" - Bruce Beck, Redding, CA
"Big Wave" - Bruce Beck, Redding, CA
"Cowboy Butts" - Edward Beier, Redding, CA
"Angora, Nebraska" - Edward Beier, Redding, CA
"Folk Dance" - Irene Berger, Sacramento, CA
"Hanging Corn" - Irene Berger, Sacramento, CA
"Yellow Rose" - Irene Berger, Sacramento, CA
"Texting" - James Berger, Orangevale, CA
"Young Maiden" - James Berger, Orangevale, CA
"School Children" - James Berger, Orangevale, CA
"The Family" - Bernard Bryson, Redding, CA
"Sun Dance" - Charlotte Bryson, Redding, CA
"Sudden Flight" - Bernard Bryson, Redding, CA
"Sentinel" - Charlotte Bryson, Redding, CA
"Sky in the Alley" - Charlotte Bryson, Redding, CA
"Valley of Fire" - Bernard Bryson, Redding, CA
"Glamping" - Charlotte Bryson, Redding, CA
"Desert Palette" - Bernard Bryson, Redding, CA
"Old Lone Pine Cemetery" - Guy Chetelat, Shasta, CA
"Volcanic Glass" - Ian Dalziel, Igo, CA
"Behind the Line" - Ian Dalziel, Igo, CA
"The Road to Aoraki" - Ian Dalziel, Igo, CA
"Church of the Good Shepherd" - Ian Dalziel, Igo, CA
"Calla Lilies Glow" - Doug Davis, Cottonwood, CA
"Intertwined" - Doug Davis, Cottonwood, CA
"Sand and Water" - Doug Davis, Cottonwood, CA
"Sundial" - Doug Davis, Cottonwood, CA
"Abbey de Val Duchesse" - Michael Eichwald, Redding, CA
"Big Lagoon" - Michael Eichwald, Redding, CA
"Wildcat Road" - Michael Eichwald, Redding, CA
"Time Log ~Bisti/De-Na-Zin" - Thomas Gallagher, Redding, CA
"Mobius Arch Mother and Child" - Thomas Gallagher, Redding, CA
"Time in a Bottle" - Terry Hankins - Redding, CA
"Midnight Stroll" - Terry Hankins, Redding, CA
"Grandpa's Barn" - Terry Hankins, Redding, CA
"Untitled" - Terry Hankins, Redding, CA
"Sunset on the Badlands 1" - Joey Johnson, Sacramento, CA
"Left Behind" - Joey Johnson, Sacramento, CA
"Athabasca River, Below the Falls" - Joey Johnson, Sacramento, CA
"Into the Autumn Woodland" - Mike Lee, Janesville, CA
"Wreck of the Mary D Hume" - Mike Lee, Janesville, CA
"Pretty in Purple" - Pamela Llano, Anderson, CA
"Swamp Lily" - Sue Loring, Redding, CA
"Rooted Sentry" - Sue Loring, Redding, CA
"A Party of One" - Stephanie Luke, Cottonwood, CA
"In Tooth and Claw" - Stephanie Luke, Cottonwood, CA
"What's Inside" - Stephanie Luke, Cottonwood, CA
"No Way Out" - Stephanie Luke, Cottonwood, CA
"Footsteps To Eternity" - Barbara Luzzadder, Red Bluff, CA
"Early Bird" - Barbara Luzzadder, Red Bluff, CA
"Four Stories Up" - Geri Mathewson, Ashland, OR
"One Madrone" - Geri Mathewson, Ashland, OR
"Pastoral Scene on Pompadour Road" - Geri Mathewson, Ashland, OR
"Misty Morning" - Vivian McAleavey, Jacksonville, OR
"Passing Storm" - Vivian McAleavey, Jacksonville, OR
"Old Baby" - Eric Nanson - Oak Run, CA
"Coy Juniper" - Gloria Olson, Mount Shasta, CA
"Electric Night" - David Plank - Weed, CA
"Looming Giant" - David Plank, Weed, CA
"The Golden Crown" - David Plank, Weed, CA
"Above the Fog" - Melody Revnak, Redding, CA
"Mysterious Shingletown" - Jennifer Santa Maria, Shingletown, CA
"Mendo Husch Moss" - Margery Stockwell, Redding, CA
"Bamboo and Flower" - Margery Stockwell, Redding, CA
"The Caring Tree" - Susan Tangeman, Redding, CA
"Sunrise" - Susan Tangeman, Redding, CA
"The Senator Bad Religion" - Nicolaas Van Ooyen, Chico, CA
"The People of Madagascar and Their Baobabs" - Marianne Werner, Chico, CA
"Washed Away Abstract" - Jeff Worthington, Redding, CA
"Old Mr. Saguaro" - Jeff Worthington, Redding, CA
"An evening visitor" - John Yunker, Ashland, OR