March General Meeting — Presenter, David Tate, Sculptor — Election of new Officers & Board –Monday, March 27 at 7pm

Hello!  My name is David Tate.  I am 47 and have lived here in Redding for the last 22 years of my life. with my wonderful wife of 25 years, Rachel.  I have had all of my four kids here in Redding . . . Jesse 20, Savannah 18, David 16, and Serena 14.  I have also performed all of my professional work here in Redding area, as a physical therapist.

After graduating from Biola University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Physiology, and going on to get a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University, I applied myself, year after year, for about 17 years, noble, diligent, compassionate, and skilled, (just didn’t know enough yet to recognize UNHAPPY), caring for patients, giving them my all.

I then finally worked up the courage to actually stop what I had been doing for so many years . . . to quit, August 13th, 2012.  I then asked my wife, Rachel, (who, by the way, is that college girlfriend of so many years ago!) if she would be willing to cover the family’s income for a bit while I swapped with her to cook, clean, and care for the four kids, while reflecting and redirecting, while taking a step back, and enjoying a first look at myself and how I have been designed to contribute to the planet . . . my interests, talents, etc.  I have been sooo grateful to Rachel for this time!

I have now begun a delightful and careful search through the treasure chest of who I am and have begun to joyfully find that I am, in my own terms, a “PASSIONATE EXPRESSOR”, primarily in the following two areas:  Communicative Expression, through words (reading, listening, speaking, a conversation, song lyrics, languages, etc), and Artistic Expression, currently through sculpture, and perhaps someday through dance.

I began with taking a sculpting class, an area that has always been, subliminally, an interest of mine, at our local community college, Shasta College.  There, under the instruction of Professor David Gentry MFA, I was able to begin learning the art of sculpture.  The photos you see of “David’s Hands”–in front of you are my first work, a sculpture of my own left hand, 12% bigger . . . the original clay, the wax mold of the same, and the finished bronze of the same.  Included in the group is a hand-carving of my right hand as well.

Thank you once again, and ahead of time, for allowing me to share a bit of myself with you.  I look forward to meeting you!

David Tate