Harvey Spector — Basic Digital Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop

4 Tuesdays in June – 6 to 9pm

NVAL Carter House Gallery


Basic Digital Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop with Harvey Spector

Harvey is one of Redding’s premier photographers.  He has a degree from Pasadena Art Center College of Design, has worked at the Getty Museum and taught Photography at Shasta College among other accomplishments.

Course is composed of 4  classes starting June 6 running through June 27 at NVAL Carter House Gallery.  Sessions are each Tuesday from 6 to 9 pm.

Class size will be limited to 12 students. 

Cost is $100 for the entire month of classes (12 hours of instruction)  Pay at the first class.

Contact Harvey to reserve your space at hjspector1949@gmail.com

Students will need:  

SLR Digital Camera 

Lightroom and/or Photoshop on a Laptop Computer to bring to class.  If you don’t have Lightroom or Photoshop already — Photographic Creative Cloud (Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge) is available from Adobe.com for $9.99 per month with an annual commitment.


Class Description

An introductory course in digital imaging and technology commonly used by photographers.  Art and design principles, basic photography formats, composition and lighting in digital image making will be discussed and explored.  Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop may be used in developing digital files.


A.  Introduction and History of Digital Photography

B.  Digital Photography Principles and Concepts

  1. Digital SLR camera basics
  2. Beginning photography for artistic, creative and technical applications  
  3. A.Depth of field, motion studies, composition and lighting
  4. Digital Image Processing and Manipulation
  5. Art, design, composition and color exploration
  6. Computer image processing, editing and manipulation


A.  Employ basic operational skills of a digital SLR camera.

B.  Design and create effective and structured digital images.

C.  Compose and edit digital images that illustrate basic art and design principles.

D.  Manipulate digital imagery at a basic level.