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Artists featured by the North Valley Art League

August 2017 Featured Artist – Howard “Luke” Lucas

EXHIBIT:  August 1 – September 2

RECEPTION:  Friday, August 4, from 5pm to 7pm

NVAL Carter House Gallery


Howard “Luke” Lucas

Howard paints not from photos, but from being out in the wonder of it all.  He engages in the glorious struggle of plein air painting, to capturing light, form and color on paper… connecting to our dynamic universe.  He actively participates in the Whiskeytown, Mendocino and Lost Coast Open Paint Outs.

As an art activist and educator, Luke has brought engaging art experiences to people of Shasta County.   The 120th  – 121st Paint Free …Be Free will be held at Shingletown Fun Day Aug 4 and the Return of the Salmon Festival in October.    Free Painting opportunities are available for all ages on a drop in Basis at the Mt. Lassen Art Center   

Luke will be implementing the pilot Homeless Art Project (HAP), offered through the Shasta County Arts Council which has been granted $14,400 from the California Arts Council.  The program will bring art produced by the homeless, their stories, and dignifying photographs to four shows in Redding and other venues.

Luke was a founding member and past president of Artbeat Gallery, an art coop with 80 member artists. Artbeat Gallery received a prestigious award, Innovation in the Arts by the Silicon Valley Arts Council in 1993. He has served on the San Jose Art League Board of Directors, as Program Chairman for the Los Gatos Art Association and newsletter editor for the East Valley Artists. He is a past president and board member of the North Valley Art league. Luke participates in Artist Gathering and Redding Salon.

Watercolor painting lessons and workshops are held at his studio and at the North Valley Art League. He has attended numerous painting workshops at Asilomar, Ruidoso, and Mendocino and St. Mary’s Art Centers as well as sixty semester units of college training. 

Retiring with 32 years of service as an educator in 2000, he moved to Viola where he resides at the Mt. Lassen Art Center. He has five grown children and five grand children. He enjoys a warm relationship with his large 7 generation Northern California extended family from Shasta, Siskiyou and Butte Counties.

California State Teaching Credentials: Standard Elementary (Life). Designated Services (Counseling and Social Work  (Life), Learning Handicapped and Resource Specialist.

Birds of Paradise Hunte's Garden by Howard "Luke Lucas"
Mahabodi Temple India-2 by Howard "Luke" Lucas
Sunset Afterglow Shelter Cove by Howard "Luke" Lucas
Mt. Shasta Kiezer Meadow by Howard "Luke" Lucas

April 2017 Featured Artists – Grand View Fine Arts Society, Redding Chapter

EXHIBIT:   April 4 – April 29

RECEPTION:  Friday, April 7 from 6 – 8 pm

NVAL Carter House Gallery

Painting by Kaydee Duckworth


Grand View Featured Artist Exhibit Showcases Stefan Baumann’s  Students’ Paintings

The Grand View Fine Arts Society, Redding Chapter, will be the Featured Artists displayed for the month of April at the North Valley Art League’s Carter House Gallery.  The “Symphony of Light” show will feature oil paintings of 14 extraordinary local artists who are also members of the North Valley Art League.

          “The paintings to be exhibited rival the art found in the galleries of Carmel and Mendocino,” said Stefan Baumann, the director of The Grand View Fine Arts Society.  “The quality of artistry and talent found in the Redding area is astonishing.”

          The paintings in the exhibit include a variety of landscapes, still life, animals and human figures created to inspire the imagination of the viewers.

          The public is invited to attend a reception be to held on Friday, April 7 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the North Valley Art League Carter House Gallery, 48 Quartz Hill Road, Redding, CA, where the show will be on display April 4th through April 29th .


Mission Statement

       The art show Symphony of Light is a harmonic expression of passion and paint.  Each painting illuminates from within as individual artists blend their unique styles.  From big bold brush strokes with vibrant colors, to delicate nuances of subtle hints, hues and shapes, canvases are orchestrated into masterpieces. These paintings sing their own song, some softly, some boldly, but with infused light and the underlying melody of a perfectly performed symphony.  It is a great show!

Painting by Alice Ballou
Painting by Mercedes Roney
Painting by Ann Myers
Painting by Debbie Andrews
Painting by Dorothy "Dottie" Turk
Painting by Linnea Marx
Painting by Bonnie Harper
Painting by Sharon Crabill
Painting by Carol Smith
Painting by Jan Scanlin
Painting by Deborah Vercammen
Painting by Patty Marie Wallace
Painting by Mollie Flack

October 2016 Invitational Group Show

Exhibit in Featured Artist Room

October 4 – 29

Reception, Saturday, October 8 – 6 to 8 pm


The ten artists included in the October 2016 Invitational Group Show are:

Bernie Bryson, Charlotte Bryson, Jim Canter, Melvin Livingston, Vera Neal, Vivian Nestel, James Reams, Gretchen Schnabel, Lucius Upshaw and Marlene Woods. Media range from acrylic, watercolor, oil, colored pencil, photography and sculpture.  Each artist has several images displayed.  Below is a sample of each artist’s work.

"Grizzly" by Bernie Bryson - 
"Grizzly" by Bernie Bryson - Photograph
"Enigma" by Charlotte Bryson - Photographic Composite
"Enigma" by Charlotte Bryson - Photographic Composite
"Zig-Zagged" by Jim Canter - Photograph
"Zig-Zagged" by Jim Canter - Photograph
"Bringing 'Em In" by Mel Livingston - Watercolor
"Starry Night"  by Vera Neal - Watercolor
"Starry Night" by Vera Neal - Watercolor
"Romancing the Stone" by Vivian Nestel - Oil
"Romancing the Stone" by Vivian Nestel - Oil
"Exploring 1" by James Reams - Watercolor
"Exploring 1" by James Reams - Watercolor
"Cat Dreams" by Gretchen Schnabel - Colored Pencil
"Cat Dreams" by Gretchen Schnabel - Colored Pencil
"Space Cat" by Lucius Upshaw - Bronze Sculpture
"Space Cat" by Lucius Upshaw - Bronze Sculpture
"Old City Hall" by Marlene Woods - Watercolor
"Old City Hall" by Marlene Woods - Watercolor

Gary Rowe

Featured Artist ~ August 2016

Indigenous People and Cultures

Exhibit July 26 – August 20

Reception, Saturday, August 6 from 6-8pm


Artist Statement/Bio

     My interest in photography began in High School when I discovered I could photograph cells through the microscope with my Argus box camera.  I had a lasting interest in microscopy and photography since that time.  This interest evolved to photographing wildlife and people.  I find that travel inspires both.  In this show I have tried to share photos of interesting people and their activities from many distant places.  Thank you for coming to view them.

Gary J. Rowe


Beggar in Ecuador
Photography by Gary J. Rowe
Masai Maidens

Lerendipities Painters

Featured Artists ~ April 2016
Out and About, On Location

Exhibit March 29 to April 30
Reception April 2, 6 to 8pm

North Valley Art League’s  April 2016 Featured Artists are the Lerendipities Painters with their presentation of “Out and About, On Location”.  The exhibit at the NVAL Carter House Gallery runs from March 29th to April 30th, with a reception on April 2, 6 – 8 p.m.

Formed over twenty years ago by some of the founding members of the North Valley Art League, the Lerendipities faithfully continue to meet each week to paint throughout the community. The painting locales have varied from plein air outings at Old Shasta, Turtle Bay Arboretum, and Parkville Ranch to still-life settings at Shasta Estates, the studio at Carter House Gallery, and artist’s homes. Lerendipities members are dedicated to encouraging one another’s talents while painting in our beautiful Shasta County.

"Caldwell Park Matilijas" by Lynn Bonetti
"Pears for Carla" by Pat Dean
"Red Barn at Parkville Ranch" by Bobbie Miles
"Pine Street Neighborhood" by Carla Canter
"Still Life with Apple" by Bobbie Miles

Judy King

Featured Artist ~ March 2016 ~ Faces and Figures

Exhibit March 1 - 26 ~ Reception March 5, 4 to 6 pm


At the age of 47,  I took a drawing composition class at the local community college in Gilroy, California, and fell in love with making art. My first love was drawing from life. I now use soft pastels and oils. I was lucky to have studied with two renowned pastel artists, Ramon Kelley and Harley Brown. Drawing and painting while models pose for three hours is so exciting and challenging for me; translating quickly the values, color, and form, into a likeness which is always a bit out of my control. I love the experience of doing it.

I would like to thank all the faithful artists and others who over the years dedicated their time and effort to keeping NVAL alive and well. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoy the show.

Denise Granger Kerbs & Debbie Andrews

Featured Artists - October 2015 - The Art of Friendship
Exhibit: October 6 - 31
Reception: Friday, October 9, 6 to 8pm

Denise-Granger-Kerbs-portrait“The Art of Friendship” Exhibit is a celebration of the friendship between  Denise Granger Kerbs and Debbie Andrews who met at the North Valley Art League and over time have become close friends.  Debbie took lessons from Denise who is the more experienced artist.  It is interesting to see how different the student’s style is from her teacher’s, illustrating that art is an individual expression of creativity.

Denise Granger Kerbs

“Paying Tribute to the Intricacies of God’s Creations”

Denise began creating art when she was 12 years old as an assignment for her seventh grade art class. Her parents were so encouraging as they looked at her drawing and said,  “Wow, you must be an artist!”   At that moment she thought,   “Oh, O.K. maybe I am!” So she began drawing everything she could see, painting with whatever mediums were available, and she never stopped.  Her passion grew with every piece of art she created.

Denise is the sixth of seven children and has realized over the years that it is because of her very larger-than-life family that she is drawn to the details in every subject just as she was with each of them. She found that it was not enough to only see the obvious, but rather every nuance of each sibling and that has translated into her art. For her, it is there that her search for truth lies. With the added support of her late-husband, Mark Granger, husband Scott Kerbs, and family, she has been able to continue with her artistic journey. Art has been her refuge and her gift.

She was self taught until she went to college in 2004 and graduated from Chico State in 2007.  There, she earned a BA in Art at the age of 47 and received her CA Teaching Credential in Art one year later.  She loves teaching art and is finding herself at home teaching workshops to fellow artists.  She says “The beauty of it is that I am teacher and student because every artist from beginner to professional has their own unique perspective and aesthetic and I find myself inspired by the way art moves so uniquely in each of us!”

Denise is compelled to enhance and elevate the smallest of elements to capture the life and fervor of her subjects.  She expresses “Although, I may not always be successful in my attempt at such a lofty goal, it is that aspiration that drives me. I do not seek to mirror God’s creations but merely pay homage to this wonderful gift we call life.”


Debbie-Andrews-portraitDebbie Andrews

Debbie Andrews has lived in Redding, CA for over thirty years. She has been married to her husband Mike for twenty-eight years and they have two sons, Bryce 21 and Tristan 20.

She has been painting consistently since 2009. She took watercolor classes at Shasta College, but her boys were young and they took priority. She says time stands still while painting and is a wonderful mystery, but the world doesn’t wait.

Debbie has taken part in many workshops and had instruction from artist’s such as Ken Hosmer, Jeannie Vodden, Fealing Lin, Vinita Pappas and many others. She says, “Every time I take a workshop, I learn something valuable; each Artist has a different technique or creative idea to share.”

She looks for subjects that tell a story and have a unique composition. Her paintings are rich with color, movement, and emotion. When painting a non-representational art piece, she always begins with color choices and placement. Her environment is equally as rich with beautiful music and she loses herself in the painting.

Debbie feels art is a gift from God. She knows she is blessed to have a way to express herself creatively and is grateful for the special people in her life who have been supportive and inspirational.

She passes on this advice:
“Don’t be afraid to try something new and stop telling yourself that you can’t or that you aren’t gifted. You will be surprised….open the gift!”

Denise Granger Kerbs

          Debbie Andrews

Denise Granger Kerbs - "Emerald Gaze" - Acrylic
Debbie Andrews - "Waiting" - Watercolor
Denise Granger Kerbs - "Eden’s Shore" - Alcohol Ink on Yupo
Debbie Andrews - "Viewpoint" - Alcohol Ink on Yupo
Debbie Andrews - "Royal Ascension" - Acrylic
Denise Granger Kerbs - "Sasa Sakia Afrika" - Oil
Debbie Andrews - "Nature's Dreamsicle" - Watercolor on Yupo

Malcolm Wilson

Featured Artist -- September 2015 -- Now and Then

Exhibit: September 1 - October 3
Reception: Friday, September 11, 6 to 8 pm

2015-0012b-005-M-Wilson-saved-for-webAs a teenager in England I began sketching the countryside and drawing the occasional portrait. Soon the demands of career and family left little time for art but I still had the chance to attend evening classes in Boston and Walnut Creek in pottery making, clay modelling, etching and drawing. When I retired I was finally able to devote time to oil painting. I have studied portrait painting in several workshops given by Craig Nelson, participated in a landscape workshop by Richard McDaniel and painted still life with Roberta Remy. I have also enjoyed a great many opportunities to paint landscapes and people with friends at the North Valley Art League.

My paintings have been shown at various locations in the Redding area and are held in the collections of a number of people both locally and elsewhere.

Looking back over the work of the past 50 years I realize that my greatest interest has been in people – perhaps reflecting my career – and I now have a number of clay figures, drawings and paintings which reflect changes in the same people over many years as well as portraits of others known only recently.

Lately I have been unable to travel far and my landscapes have been mainly local. Fortunately we live in a beautiful area of the country and there is much well worth painting close at hand.

Jackie Keith

Featured Artist -- August 2015

2015-0011c-001-sized-for-webJackie Keith started drawing in the late 50’s when she lived in Eureka, CA and had five show horses. She attended numerous horse shows and rodeos taking many photographs, which she now works from. While in Eureka Jackie decided to enter the Western Heritage Art Show in Winnemucca, NV where she won 1st place in graphite pencil. She also had the opportunity to attend an art seminar with Robert Shuefelt, known as “Shoofly”, in Scottsdale, AZ.

She moved to Albuquerque, NM in 1995 and took a 10 year hiatus from her art. Then in 2005 she moved to Redding, CA and discovered the many art classes offered at Shasta College. For the next three years she took classes from John Harper, learning watercolor, acrylics and colored pencil. She teases that she has a 4.0 from college, but it is only in art!

She is an active member of the North Valley Art League where she exhibits her art for sale and has had her work juried into the NVAL National Painting Show for the last three years.   She has also received 1st and 2nd place awards for her art at the Shasta County District Fair.

Jackie is 80 years “young” and is a grandmother of 18 and a great grandmother of 14.

Sarah Crumpton

Featured Artist -- April 2015
Animals of the World

Sarah-Crumpton-portrait-saved-for-webSarah has always had a deep love and appreciation for God’s creations, and art has become the perfect way for her to convey those feelings. Even though she was exposed to a variety of mediums while earning her art degree at Shasta College, she prefers to work in colored pencil because of the level of detail she can achieve.

While she enjoys every aspect of nature, Sarah feels a special connection when looking into the eyes of an animal and seeing the light of the soul that God has placed there. She tries to capture that glow of life in the subjects of her artwork.

A collection of her original colored pencil artwork entitled “Animals of the World” is on display at the North Valley Art League’s Carter House Gallery from March 31 to April 25.