“Basic Alcohol Ink” 3-Day Workshop with Kathleen Evans


Sponsored by NVAL

June 28-30, Friday – Sunday 10am to 4pm

Kathleen’s Studio, 13779 Cloverdale, Igo 

(some art/painting experience required)


$150 NVAL members, $185 non-members

Materials fee $40.  Please pay at signup, unless you plan on 

providing your own.


Please bring a sack Lunch.  Coffee, tea, fruit & snacks provided.

13 student maximum


For help with signup/payment,  please phone Charlotte Bryson at 530-221-1993.

For Questions about the workshop, call Kathleen at (530) 396-2422


The Alcohol Ink Workshop is designed to introduce and familiarize artists with the delightful properties and effects that are unique to the medium.  Participants will learn how to achieve effects that are both stunning and surprising, particularly when applied to Yupo, the ground of choice for Alcohol Ink artists.  Yupo is a non-absorbent, plastic ground that takes a bit of getting used to.  It is best approached with a relaxed hand and an open spirit of collaboration.  As Bond would say, ‘stirred, not shaken’. There will be ample time to try new techniques and practice what works for you and brings you joy.

The Workshop will not cover the basics of painting like color wheel dynamics. or the fundamentals of design and composition.  Instead, we will take you where you are and teach you how to apply your artistic talents and creativity in a new medium.

DIRECTIONS to Kathleen’s Studio,  13779 Cloverdale Road, Igo,  CA

20 – 30 minutes enroute

From the south, e.g., Anderson, take Hwy 273 N to Clear Creek Road.  Turn left on Clear Creek Road go about 8 miles to Cloverdale Road (water tanks).  Right on Cloverdale for 1.3 miles to green ranch gates on left with sign, “Alcohol Ink Workshop”.  Drive through gate & down gravel road (1/4 mile) to right turn to house.  Park in front of garage on left of house.

From the north & east, e.g., Redding, take Placer traveling west to Igo, turn L on Cloverdale, go about .3 miles to green ranch gate on the right with sign, “Alcohol Ink Workshop.”  Drive down gravel road to right turn to house.  Park in front of garage on left side of house.


As an artist, I’m a late bloomer.  Throughout high school and college, art was always an interest, but at the periphery.  For the sake of employment, I earned a degree from UC Berkeley, which led to a busy career of 40 years.  All the while I dabbled with art on the side, pursuing acrylics, silk painting, and watercolor.  At last, having retired, I can devote real time to art.  I am now exploring strong interests in Alcohol Ink on Yupo, and Acrylic, with an emphasis on expressionism and abstraction in both media.

Artist’s Statement

Experimentation is my touchstone.  I work in Alcohol Ink and watercolor for serendipity and sparkle and in acrylic for its adaptability to abstraction and synergy with other media.  My style is impressionistic and simple, leaning increasingly toward the abstract.  The experience of creating art has been a lifelong source of peace and tranquility in my busy life.