NVAL 6” x 6” Mini Works Program

Another way to Show your Work in the Nov-Dec Holiday Show

Priced $50 or Less per tile, they can sell like Hotcakes!



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1)  Work is due at the gallery Fri & Sat, Oct 27–28. (OK to bring in tiles Oct 24-26 if need be).

2)  Each Group of tiles will have one label adjacent to it in the gallery, so each Group should have a Title and Price that apply to all the tiles within the Group.

3)  Each tile within a Group will need a label with the following information:  your name, the title of the Group, the price of the tiles within the Group and  A, B, C, D, etc .   If  you wish to add a title for each tile, add that to the label as well.

4)  Place each Group of prepared tiles in a separate Box labeled with your name and title of the group.   Please make sure your tiles are packed so they will not be damaged.

5)  We will help you sign your work in.



  • Four display options: 4,  6H- horizonal layout, 6V-vertical layout, or 9  —  6 x 6 MDF tiles or ceramic tiles displayed on a single mounting board.  Limit of 2 mounting board displays per artist.
  • Use any medium. Tiles shall be compatible as a group and each a stand-alone original work.
  • Buy your tiles from NVAL or elsewhere.
  • NVAL tiles will come with a 2” square of Velcro which will be used to attach the tile to the mounting board.
  • Rented mounting boards supplied by NVAL.
  • NVAL will mount your work on NVAL mounting boards.
  • Sales price is per tile. All tiles on a mounting board need to have the same sales price.
  • Typical 20% commission.
  • Artists may replace any sold tiles at no additional hanging expense.
  • Sign up ASAP so you can get your tiles and start to work. Limited to 2 mounting boards per artist.  Signup Deadline is Sept 30.Note NOTE DATE CHANGE:  Work is due Friday & Saturday, Oct 27 – 28.


  • Sand face and edges of tiles with fine sandpaper (320 grit recommended).
  • Seal face and edges of tiles with 3 thin coats of Gesso. Best to use a foam brush.  Sand lightly after each coat.
  • Your tile is now prepared for you to do artwork directly on the tile or adhere separately prepared artwork.
  • Any work done on paper, i.e. watercolors, drawings, photographs, etc. will need to be adhered to the tile with the appropriate adhesive/cement. Scotch Photo Mount works well for flat work, but work cannot be repositioned once down.  Ask art professionals for other options.
  • After your artwork is complete and if needed, adhered to the tile, place 2”square Velcro centered on the back (place within guidelines on back of tile).
  • Label the back of your tiles with your name and A, B, C, D, etc. so NVAL can place them in the order you wish.






Option  4                             Option 6H                          Option 6V                           Option 9


PRICING – 6” x 6” MDF Tiles Provided by NVAL

  • Includes tiles, 2”square Velcro, Mounting Board Rental and Exhibiting Fee
  • Extra tiles plus 2” square Velcro  – $1 (no sales tax due)
Layout Option Total Cost (incl sales tax)
4 tiles $11
6-H – six tiles $13
6-V – six tiles $13
9 tiles $18


PRICING – 6” x 6 ”Tiles Purchased Elsewhere

  • Includes 2”square Velcro, Mounting Board Rental and Exhibiting Fee
Layout Option Total Cost (incl sales tax)
4 tiles $ 9
6-H  six tiles $10
6-V  six tiles $10
9 tiles $14