NVAL 6” x 6” Mini Works Program

Another way to Show your Work in the Nov-Dec Holiday Show

Priced $50 or Less per tile, they can sell like Hotcakes!  



1)  Work is due at the gallery ONLY Fri & Sat, Oct 27 – 28

2)  All tiles in a Display Option group should have the same price — ideally $50 or less. (ie. the 4 tiles in an Option 4 group should have the same price.   One label will be made for the group.

3)  Place each Display Option group of prepared tiles in a separate Box labeled with your name, phone number, the media used and the title of group (if a title is desired). 

4)  We will help you sign your work in.



  • Four display options: 4,  6H- horizonal layout, 6V-vertical layout, or 9  —  6 x 6 MDF tiles or ceramic tiles displayed on a single mounting board.  Limit of 2 mounting board displays per artist.
  • Use any medium. Tiles shall be compatible as a group and each a stand-alone original work.
  • Buy your tiles from NVAL or elsewhere.
  • NVAL tiles will come with a 2” square of Velcro which will be used to attach the tile to the mounting board.
  • Rented mounting boards supplied by NVAL.
  • NVAL will mount your work on NVAL mounting boards.
  • Sales price is per tile. All tiles on a mounting board need to have the same sales price.
  • Typical 20% commission.
  • Artists may replace any sold tiles at no additional hanging expense.
  • Sign up ASAP so you can get your tiles and start to work. Limited to 2 mounting boards per artist.  Signup Deadline is Sept 30.Note NOTE DATE CHANGE:  Work is due Friday & Saturday, Oct 27 – 28.


  • Sand face and edges of tiles with fine sandpaper (320 grit recommended).
  • Seal face and edges of tiles with 3 thin coats of Gesso. Best to use a foam brush.  Sand lightly after each coat.
  • Your tile is now prepared for you to do artwork directly on the tile or adhere separately prepared artwork.
  • Any work done on paper, i.e. watercolors, drawings, photographs, etc. will need to be adhered to the tile with the appropriate adhesive/cement. Scotch Photo Mount works well for flat work, but work cannot be repositioned once down.  Ask art professionals for other options.
  • After your artwork is complete and if needed, adhered to the tile, place 2”square Velcro centered on the back (place within guidelines on back of tile).
  • Label the back of your tiles with your name and A, B, C, D, etc. so NVAL can place them in the order you wish.






Option  4                             Option 6H                          Option 6V                           Option 9


PRICING – 6” x 6” MDF Tiles Provided by NVAL

  • Includes tiles, 2”square Velcro, Mounting Board Rental and Exhibiting Fee
  • Extra tiles plus 2” square Velcro  – $1 (no sales tax due)
Layout Option Total Cost (incl sales tax)
4 tiles $11
6-H – six tiles $13
6-V – six tiles $13
9 tiles $18


PRICING – 6” x 6 ”Tiles Purchased Elsewhere

  • Includes 2”square Velcro, Mounting Board Rental and Exhibiting Fee
Layout Option Total Cost (incl sales tax)
4 tiles $ 9
6-H  six tiles $10
6-V  six tiles $10
9 tiles $14