Jessica Willis Teaches “Explorations in Watercolor”

NVAL Carter House Gallery

Beginning Watercolor Classes

Day, Time:  Mondays 1 – 4pm  Classes are ongoing and students may start at any session.   First Class is March 5.

Cost:  $25 class fee (additional $5-10 for materials upon request)

To Sign Up:  Email Jessica at


Class Description

This dynamic and fluid medium will lead you on an exciting journey in this class.Not only will you learn basic skills in watercolor and how to utilize the paint, but you we will also explore additives and tools used to manipulate surfaces for interesting applications. We will discuss color theory and compositional structure as we conduct small material experiments and then carry them into our paintings.  If you are looking to loosen up, and find your inner improvisational artist within, take this class with Jessica.  Be inspired to step outside of the box with an expressive handling of paint and innovative strategies.

 See Suggested Materials List Below photos of Jessica’s paintings. 

Watercolor by Jessica Willis
Watercolor by Jessica Willis
Watercolor by Jessica Willis
Watercolor by Jessica Willis

Suggested material list:  

Sketchbook (the thicker the paper the better)

Watercolor brushes- Find a variation of sizes and types. Please get a ‘wash brush’.

Watercolor paints (get these basic colors at least, but grab more if you’d like)

            -Cadmium yellow

            -Yellow ochre

            -Ultramarine blue

            -Cobalt blue

            -Cadmium red

            -Alizarin crimson

            -Burnt sienna